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Catering Partner Offers Four Delicious Picnics

It isn't called an epicurian phenomenon for nothing!  If sourcing, preparing, cooking, baking, packaging, transporting isn't your thing, we've got your picnic dinner covered.

Diner en Blanc - Washington is once again partnering with Gourmet By The Bay to offer our guests four delicious picnic dinner options - each for two people - to be purchased through our online store and picked up on-site at the secret location.  Picnic dinners can be ordered until Friday, August 21 at 5:00pm.

Each picnic dinner will be packaged in a white, reusable insulated tote bag with the Diner en Blanc - Washington logo printed on the front.  Consider it your party favor!

Blanc de Blanc: $55.00
Chilled Honeydew Melon Soup
Coconut Chicken Salad, apples, grapes, celery
Citrus Rice Salad, feta, cucumbers, mint
Cauliflower Salad, English peas, smoked bacon
White Bean Hummus
34o Original Thin Wafer Crackers
Miniature Powdered Doughnuts
White Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Parisian Mėlange: $70.00
Assorted French Cheeses, dried fruits and nuts
Foie Gras Pate
Smoked Salmon Terrine
Pork Rillette
Assorted Mustards, Elegant Crackers and Baguette
Assorted French Macarons
Miniature Crème Brulee
The Great Gatsby: $55.00
Fried Chicken Drumettes
Turkey Salad, celery, dried cranberries, red onion, orange oil
Traditional Deviled Eggs
Waldorf Salad
Summer Crudités, English-pea-mint-feta hummus
Toasted Baguette
Citrus Pound Cake, fresh mixed berries and Chantilly cream
The Orient: $45.00
Yum Nua (Thai beef salad)
Chilled Shrimp, mandarin oranges, chow mein noodles
Fresh Vegetable Spring Rolls, spicy hoisin
Asian Cole Slaw, tangy rice wine dressing
Spiced Pickled Cucumbers
Fresh Papaya Salad
Japanese Cheesecake, rose whipped cream

For more information about Gourmet By The Bay, visit, or plan your weekend getaway to St. Michaels, MD to visit them in person.

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Charles H.
Table Leader
5 year ago
I totally missed the catering deadline, does that mean I forfeit my ticket?!
Bombay M.
6 year ago
Are there any Vegan options?
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