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Thank You!

From your #DEBDC14 host team - THANK YOU!  Thank you to every single one of you for celebrating this wonderful, one-of-a-kind evening with us.  It was spectacular from start to end and as photographs continue to pour in, we’re reliving each moment.  From your enthusiasm to your table décor to your fabulous outfits, you made DC proud!  
We have so many wonderful partners who helped make this event possible and deserve recognition for their support and belief in DEBDC.
To The Yards Park for the picturesque locale where we gathered.  THANK YOU!  You may have been the "Best Kept Secret in Town" in many ways but you’ve no doubt gained hundreds of new patrons! The DEBDC team could not have been happier to show you off to so many people at our inaugural event. What a beautiful venue to celebrate dining outdoors, music on the waterfront, and the end of summer. We have a feeling you will see many of our guests return.
To our team of Leaders who took on the challenge of moving 1,500 eager diners through DC, during rush hour, to a secret location unknown to most of them: THANK YOU for you time and enthusiasm!  It was no small feat.
To our colleagues at Diner en Blanc International: Your guidance and support is truly appreciated.  You’re dedicated to what you do and DEBs around the world would not be possible without you.
To our partners at Moet & Chandon: Your 7-tier tower of Moet Ice Imperial provided a stellar backdrop for so many beautiful pictures.  We were thrilled to see hundreds of guests enjoying the always-delicious Moet.  Thank you for your partnership – we look forward to many years to come.
To our colleagues from other Diner en Blancs around the world: Thank you for attending our inaugural event. Your support and camaraderie was wonderful!  We look forward to attending your DEB’s in the years to come.
To the very talented Sidney & Jim Trond and their team at Gourmet By The Bay: Your picnic dinners were beautiful and absolutely delicious.  You’re always able to round out a wonderful night with the perfect food.
To the artists that captured the incredible moments of DEB that will now always live on: THANK YOU!  You are wonderful, talented professionals.  It was truly a pleasure working with you!  Vita Images, Celebrations Painting.
To DJ Sabeel, an incredible musical artist, who brilliantly chose Ellie Goulding’s “Burn” as the moment when The Yards Park lit with 1,500 sparklers.  That moment was spectacular and will one we will always remember!  Thank you.
To the Marriott Marquis: Thank you for partnering with us to provide hours of entertainment following the official end of Diner en Blanc.  The crowd that gathered in the beautiful, white lobby bar partied the night away!  Thank you also for putting up DEB guests so they could sleep well in those incredibly confortable beds!
To our partners at Goorin Brothers and Rent The Runway: Many of our guests were decked to the nines and looking fabulous in your attire!  Thank you for outfitting them!
To the team at Something Vintage: The furniture that has seen many, many decades and been brought back to life by you is gorgeous.  You transformed a blank canvas into a chic, timeless lounge of white, cream, and gold!
To our partners at Vespa of Arlington: Your beautiful white Vespas were outfitted with  DC’s most fashionable all night!  Thank you!
To our partners at Uber: thank you for getting our guests from here to there, and back safely. 

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